Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well , I logged on to orkut after a while today ..and as usual a lot of
hi wassup
hey how are you doing
howz life man
kinda scraps. I have never ever replied to any of these and I still wonder how some of my contacts (even the saner types !) prefer to reach out this way. Social networking for me , is still challenging .
I chose to (prefer to ) not share much of my daily updates , life in general with the rest of the world..and scraps/photo comments etc are most necessary when there is a reason ..Like an old friend's birthday and I am not able to dig up his/her email id..So a scrap comes to the rescue. I seriously want to know , how exactly can one reply to the above kind of messages , without the very very obvious ..
I am fine , life is the same , howz u
Unless of course you have something genuine to share. In my case , if that is the thing I would go the email way , much more personal than a public scrap.
For me , being in touch does not necessarily mean regular wassup scraps or photo comments , it is being able to relate to the other person in a very close way , without distances posing a threat. Just like that , narrating all that happened in a day you are very worked up , knowing that the other person is going to say something to cheer you up.
Well , personal opinion again.
Something else that got me quite in a thinking mode is the attitude of some people who will go to any extent to indulge in fierce back biting of a certain X .And then very diligently include X for all their socializing stuff. Certainly , there really is no particular age , at which you cannot say "grow up!"
Now for some other updates..
We had a nice little get together at my place last weekend , much delayed but finally there. And with all the stories/adventures these folks went through to locate my place , with no power in the locality adding to it , it was memorable for sure. With some people trying hard to look for a lemon yellow color flat in all darkness to another one landing opposite a park after following the almost certain directions ... :)
Pooja , we missed you !I wish this had happened when you were here ..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I can't believe , the last movie I watched on big screen was Welcome to Sajjanpur , way back in Nov. Not even one in 09 , and almost half the year down already. . Too many changes , especially in the last couple of months .. friends/colleagues moving on , a completely new setup for me , feeling at home at HSR took a while :) and even now much to Asit's amusement , I still refer to Namma Mane as home at times !
Btw , my time to office is about 4-5 songs on 94.3FM + 2 commercial breaks .Something i simply love coz i get to listen to more songs !! yayyy!!! earlier it would be just 1-2 of them.
My friends have had atleast 3 get-togethers in the last 1 month and I have missed them all , except 1 i think.. This feels weird coz most of the time I would be the first one on time and frantically calling up others to find out if they have atleast started !!
At work , a lot and lot to be done . And I find myself taking fewer breaks than ever coz there is so much and just about enough time to finish them all in a day. And I hate to say this , but haven't replied to so many from friends on chat coz of work load (shitty phase , but true )
IPL is over , yes I am glad :P
Oh yes ,I learnt to operate a washing machine finally :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Namma Mane

Namma Mane ... when I moved in here sometime in May 06 with Anu and Shweta , had never thought this is one place that I would get so attached to , that I will actually miss so much when it is time to leave :) For almost 3 years , coming back from office was coming back to a place so much like home , not a PG or just another 3bhk with 3 inmates. Still remember when me and anu and sheweta had got all colourful curtains , blues and oranges ... that brightened up the flat so much ! When Ankit and co occupied the 1st floor flat and Shilpa moved in next door and it was like college days again ! All those weekend cooking experiments , Basa amma handling , war with the cockroaches , woken up in the middle of the night with some weird processions that left us all fuming and raging , mid night b'day celebrations, barrista outings , default jumping-over-the-gate ... the memories are too many to narrate here..
I shifted from 201 to 202 , made newer friends Rahul and Pooja who I hardly knew in college, and always knew someone was always there , in case I needed , even if it was just to chat and share how the day was. Really missed Shivku when he moved to Koramangla , but he has always been a pseudo namma mane inmate since then !
And Ashu and now the latest entry in the family, the tiny one... while walking back home at the end of the day , i would always hope that the kids are somewhere around so that I can just baby chat and play a bit and get all geared up for the evening :)
For the 3 of us that moved in here first , some how each of us left or will be leaving the place hopeful of loads of dreams , Shweta with her much expected MBA admit and Anu as Mrs.Mrutyu :) And now , with Rahul , just married and off to Oxford and Gattu settling down with mrs.gattu .. and yes , me along similar lines :) , it feels right. And i know Shilpa and Ankit will also leave the place in a bit to pursue their dreams .
Yet , there is this tinge of sadness that Namma Mane will cease to be home for a lot of us in the new few months.. me pooja gattu , rahul..and I guess ankit and shilpa will also be moving out. Reminded of Monica's 'this is like the end of an era' from Friends. And i think it is. But I am just hoping it is the beginning of newer bonds , responsibilities and roles in life and that the attachment with Namma Mane and folks out there, is never lost. May be less frequent Barrista outings , or with couple of people missing , some new entries , not everyone attending a midnight b'day party... but still .. Namma Mane for me will always remain that special place where I made the best of friends in Bangalore and where I felt completely at home for 3 years ..
I know I will miss it :(

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For myself and a lot of other inmates of Namma Mane housing , the 60th Republic Day celebrations (really those were celebrations ?) started with some loud blasting Kannada music(again , really that was music ?) , yes hold your breath , at 6ish in the morning ! If it was a way of waking up folks like us super early to get all geared up for 26th Jan festivities , well that backfired a bit. None that i knew even budged a bit from the bed before 8 at-least. We were wondering if they were playing patriotic songs , but no .. just some random , loud and least melodious numbers that continued to thrill us (yea absolutely !) all day long, thanks to the speakers strategically positioned in the nearby lanes.
Despite all the irritation and abuses we showered on those that did this to us, on what could have been a quiet holiday , I knew no one would go out to question them. Reason , we knew , they could definitely drag the anti-Kannada , the you-outsiders issue..
And so the orchestra went on and on till it was close to 11pm , that was when I heard some dude deliver some kind of speech (as though assuring this buddies ,we won ! we managed to ruin everyone's peace for a whole day ! )
Wondering when we will have an end to such things in the country , these seemingly smaller issues that can very well explode into lingual or even communal conflict...
Happy 60th Republic Day everyone !

Monday, January 19, 2009

Following Rahul's blog post :)

Rules of the game:
Check if your name is at the end of this blog post. If so, type out a similar blog copy-pasting these rules. After that, list down 10 random things about yourself (that many do not know) and then tag 5 more people who have to do the same.

My list:

1. I ain't scared of cockroaches or lizards
2. I just cannot lie flat on my back and sleep , I have to turn to any one side .
3. One of the weird things I do is to relate cloud shapes to real people , animals , events etc,.
4. I hate milk.
5. I freak out before any travel , more so for flights and especially if am traveling alone. Yes even at this age :D
6. I can never sleep for more than few mins on any 4 wheeler , or an aircraft . Long flights are a torture :(
7. I love chai/coffee but absolutely no malai on it, even the thinnest/smallest layer needs to get out of my mug.
8. Dream holiday - Australia and New Zealand ... sometime in my life :)
9. Hospitals totally get me freaked out , I need company even for a general checkup!
10. I cannot use key board short cuts while on a comp/laptop. Mouse is a must !!

My Tags: Namrata , Anu, Namy

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So , yours truly had quite a hectic and eventful morning, 8am cab to office and then off to MG road at 11 for an appointment with the CA to collect my IT returns receipt , listen to some gyan from the dude regarding smart mutual funds that made so little sense to someone like me who is so investment-market-wise challenged. And then a phone call from a friend in distress , and I had to don my cupid avatar for a while .. and so on. Finally I got into the shuttle heading for the EGL office . Was on the front seat and 2 of my colleagues (I do not know them by name or face) , were behind. By then my migraine had started showing up a bit and the ac in the vechicle wasnt helping at all , and to add to it , the 2 buddies behind decided to talk about SRK !! !! !!

"He does not know acting"
"Before Rab ne was released , he declared on some interview that he was a Pakistani which is why no one went to watch the movie"
"South Indians will never watch any movie of his"
"The media has glorified him , other wise he is all dumb and useless"

Now this was utter blasphemy to my ears , okay okay let me state that I am a total die hard fan of SRK. Cummon , he is witty , he has attitude and style and he knows how to entertain the public !!
Listening to all this certainly ensured my migraine levels reached new records ! I was in a good mind to turn back and reply to some of their comments but sigh , the migraine did not let me do that. Also I had no idea who those 2 souls were , and didn't want to get into the conversation.
Anyways , outcome of the morning was me with a bad headache for the next few hours.And when i got all fine , the only thing I wanted to do was scream 'SRK rocks' in front of my shuttle friends !!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wonder how sometimes life cheers up at the the tiniest and most unexpected and remotest things ! How spirits get lifted up just by listening to a certain song , by chance. Happened today , while on the way back home from the lunch get-together . all I needed was to listen to the 'mera maula' song from Dostana :)
It was an instant change in mood , from a lil sulky to a rocking freshness :)